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Subject Tuxguitar .desktop file and file types association

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Kamil Neczaj
Post: Aug 28th 2008 at 9:49 PM

Could you make a *.desktop file for tuxguitar and asociate files which tuxguitar can open with the program? Every program with gui should have a desktop file so that it have it's menu entry.

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Post: Aug 29th 2008 at 12:42 AM

That is a distribution issue.
Generic GNU/Linux package don't indlude that files, because all depends on your X desktop and root access (package was maded thinking to work only extracting files).
For file associations, you need to add configuration files on root folders, and exec a command to update your system.

That files was added on .deb package.
if you want manually add them, you can take a look to source package, at a "misc" folder.

the file "tuxguitar.desktop" should be at: /etc/share/applications

the file "tuxguitar.xml" should be at: /usr/share/mime/packages/

then you should exec (as root):
update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

At last, restart your X system.

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