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How to install TuxGuitar-alsa plugin

TuxGuitar-alsa plugin is included on GNU/Linux TuxGuitar distributions as default. If you downloaded a compiled GNU/Linux package, you shouldn’t bother to install it manually.
Ofcourse you may want rebuild and install the plugin.

To install the plugin, you must copy tuxguitar-alsa.jar into $TUXGUITAR_HOME\share\plugins

For soundcards that doesn’t support MIDI playback (like one in PS3) you might need to insert seqencer module into kernel:

modprobe snd-seq

and run software MIDI synthesizer. Timidity for example can be started in console as foreground job (To stop timidity use Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Z if it doesn’t respond):

timidity -EFreverb=0 -iA -Os

or run it in background (to stop timidity you need to kill its process):

timidity -EFreverb=0 -iA -Os >/dev/null & </dev/null

or write script to insert module and start sythesizer on computer startup.

Note: command line option -EFreverb=0 is used to disable reverb effect that can take a lot of CPU power.

At last, you will need to change MIDI output to the new plugin inside TuxGuitar application: Settings→Configure TuxGuitar→Sound. If you are using timidity set output port to Timidity Port 0.

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