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Differences between Guitar Pro 5 and TuxGuitar

Today there are very few differences in the usage experience, and there are be even less in future. TuxGuitar will continue to support all the good features of Guitar Pro, and develop it’s own features as well.

Remember, current version is almost 1.0, and GP has 5 major versions!

Guitar Pro is better because:

  • it has RSE for more realistic sound
  • it is faster (it works the same on faster computers)
  • it supports some features yet not implemented in TuxGuitar: zoom, multivoice, wah-wah, drum scores view, let ring and downstroke/upstroke effect, pickstroke and fingering marks, copy/paste measure in different track
  • mixer allows instrument change and modifications during playback
  • it has built-in tuner

TuxGuitar is better because:

  • it’s free
  • it’s open source (under GPL licence), so anyone with good ideas can contribute the application
  • it supports various platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS and possibility of much more)
  • it has plugin architecture and supports various plugins
  • it can open/save more file formats
  • it has more rapid development
  • it has “autocomplete” measure, so it is impossible to have invalid measures
  • it has more customizable Chord editor
  • allows key-bindings configuration
  • (has better harmonic effect support) - to be implemented

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